Stop The Steal

by Reh Dogg

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2020 elections presidential election was a fraud
Perpetrated by the illegal left- wing media
And all of these twitters and facebooks of the world
They robbed us

Stop the steal the mainstream media misleads
Yall can’t fool me Dominion voting machines
Has changed the way the votes were casted
You see there’s a Chinese chip inside of them
The votes been switched from Trump to Biden
And that’s why we know that they are hiding
We have to stop them If we don’t this country
Will never be the same

Stop The Steal
These Votes Aren’t Real

So these demonic forces never expected Trump’s votes
To be so strong so
In the middle of the night they stopped counting the votes
So they can bring in phoney votes that’s why this mail-in
Ballots was a fraud Democrats they filed lawsuits
To get rid of safety measures it’s not good
It’s not good for Americans not good you understand
72 million of us we will get angry and fight and we won’t
Stop until we wrong this right

Stop The Steal
These Votes Aren’t Real

Stop the steal the mainstream media misleads
FOX, CNN, MSNBC all of them they try to fool us
But they can’t Dominion voting machines has
Chinese chips switching the votes there ain’t no hope
For them to pass it through cause God is on our side
And that is true so I say stand up and fight this evil
Forces Hallelujah Amen

Stop The Steal
These Votes Aren’t Real

Stop the steal say it with me
Americans stop the steal
Stop the steal
The mainstream media and Facebook and Twitter
And Google they want to fool us into believing
That Biden had a lead don’t let your eyes deceive you
Trump had it from the start it was a landslide
It was a bloodbath but now they stole it
We must take it back

Stop The Steal
These Votes Aren’t Real


released November 15, 2020
Reh Dogg


all rights reserved



Reh Dogg South Hadley, Massachusetts

Conservative minded underground rapper that raps about things people can relate to. Too many rap artist rap about girls,money,and power without understanding that they are role models. Tune in and watch our Political Bomb Show weekly search for it with your favorite search engine. ... more

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