by Reh Dogg

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Life it short you know
They want to take away meh quality of life
With them mugoo liberals you hear meh
It nah go work want take away meh life
Take a butcher knife slice and slice
Cut your throat with a knife
Meh vicious and you know me no nice
All right
Dying (2 times)
Light up the ocean with yu blood it red
Dead yu dead yu dead yu dead
Damn tegareg a damn mugoo
Nobody afraid ah you fuck you
Pentagon develop a microchip clearly mark of the beast
Stay the fuck away from me corona is your excuse
But uno know me no foo fool
Dying (2 times)
The flu is much worse motherfucker blood thirst
Bad yu bad yu think yu bad
But nigga I am much worse
Come try to test me with your foolish curse
God’s angels defend me first
You don’t understand meh nah run away
Get away from me yu know me no nice
Get a blood knife meh cut yu throat meh slice meh slice
Cause you know me no nice turn the ocean red with your blood
Dead yu dead yu tegareg you just a mugoo me ah say fuck you


released April 17, 2021


all rights reserved



Reh Dogg South Hadley, Massachusetts

Conservative minded underground rapper that raps about things people can relate to. Too many rap artist rap about girls,money,and power without understanding that they are role models. Tune in and watch our Political Bomb Show weekly search for it with your favorite search engine. ... more

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