Drain The Swamp

by Reh Dogg

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For the first time in my adult life i finally have a president that makes me proud to be american.


(Intro) 2 Times
I will be with you
How long will we love you
Finally a president I can be proud of one who actually campaigned on the things that he meant
He’s gonna do like building a wall throwing illegal criminal aliens the hell out of the country
Replacing Obamacare getting rid of TTP no more classless parties at the Whitehouse
Get the hell outta here
(Chorus) 2 Times
It’s time to drain the swamp Trump will drain the swamp
It’s time to build a cabinet of outsiders now that’s what I’m talking about
Good riddance to Mitch the gobbler McConnell and Paul Ryan the damn traitor
All these protests and rioters are bought and paid by the Democratic Party
And people like George Soros get them the hell outta here cause you know they don’t care
And I don’t care either yeahhh president Trump that’s what I’m talking about T,R,U,M,P
We will be respected all over the world again Hallelujah now sing
(Chorus) 4 Times
It’s time to drain the swamp Trump will drain the swamp
Make America great again
) 2 Times
I will be with you
How long will we love you
Never been prouder to be American I thought liberals overtook the country
But interestingly enough they didn’t even though they’ve inserted illegal voters to vote
To try to get them in had dead people voting for them what a shame of my precinct in Holyoke MA
Never did ask me for ID and I told them the way that I felt in the president elect you’ll never ask me for ID
But the other ones they did what a shame on them they’re all part of the solution nah
They’re the problem that’s why I will never ever….. Get the hell outta here


released November 12, 2016


all rights reserved



Reh Dogg South Hadley, Massachusetts

Conservative minded underground rapper that raps about things people can relate to. Too many rap artist rap about girls,money,and power without understanding that they are role models. Tune in and watch our Political Bomb Show weekly search for it with your favorite search engine. ... more

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