Domestic Terrorists

by Reh Dogg

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Too many domestic terrorists in America. We rap about two current once that's a massive threat.


Fry em like bacon pigs in a blanket
Damn damn damn
Well look at these raggedy
Stinky BLM Antifa domestic terrorists
Are pigs
BLM protested in Dallas Texas
Ended in bloodshed
The black lives matter gunman I wish he was dead
Had a vendetta against all white cops
Murdered five and injured several more
Mainstream media choose to ignore
Shutting down the interstate I wanna kill the hate
I said I wanna kill the hate
BLM terrorist
Antifa terrorist
Domestic terrorists
Antifa they hide their face behind a mask yo
Hiding yo and they wear their hoodies yo yo
They're a code of rats and they are brats
Liberal cheers while the Antifa they beat with bats
Your time is coming you're gonna meet your match
Revolution is the solution
BLM terrorist
Antifa terrorist
Domestic terrorists
Ice Pubes tweeting Trump will nuke the city
Violent protesters needs to be shot in a hurry
Shoot them quickly shoot them kill them quickly
Spice things up like stew chicken in curry
My home is my castle yeah yall stay away
Mine yall stay away
Watch the bullets spray God he will guide me
Almighty watching you corona virus kill you
BLM terrorist
Antifa terrorist
Domestic terrorists
I don't need to brag about my guns because I have some
Plenty of ammo will watch the sewage rats fall
They will fall down they will not get up
Cause you know I just don't give a what
BLM terrorist
Antifa terrorist
Domestic terrorists
Crooked gunman in Dallas Texas
Ended quickly in bloodshed
BLM gunman vendetta against white cops
Murdered five and injured several more
Shutting down the Interstate I said I wanna kill the hate
Bonfires on the freeways
All this and more from BLM terrorist
Low life thug low life lunatic
BLM terrorist
Antifa terrorist
Domestic terrorists
No borders, no wall, no USA at all
No border, no wall no USA at all
Folks I don't want to conflate the two on the violent side
The violence is definitely not epidemic in the Democrat party
I wanna be clear on that and we should
We shouldn't stereotype like they do to us
unfortunately it is becoming an epidemic on the far left
But this position no border no wall basically no borders
And they say at one point no USA at all this is not a fringe position anymore
Within the Democrat party this is a position that embraces
Maybe not by a majority but by a large swath of voters this is freighting


released June 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Reh Dogg South Hadley, Massachusetts

Conservative minded underground rapper that raps about things people can relate to. Too many rap artist rap about girls,money,and power without understanding that they are role models. Tune in and watch our Political Bomb Show weekly search for it with your favorite search engine. ... more

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