Wtf 2

by Reh Dogg

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Wtf 2 03:28
(Intro) Yeah Live free or die Yo Understand (Chorus) WTF (6 Times) (Verse) Wtf you want to come and silence me Stole an election that is reality My voice must be heard that is my destiny Cancel culture on Twitter they are dumb crazy (Chorus) Wtf (6 Times) (Verse) You can wear your sagging pants that is not for me You can stay on welfare that is not for me You can give away your freedom that is not for me I am mostly chilled but do not fuck it with me Don’t get me angry I’m telling you reality Don’t understand me then listen carefully Fire everyone who don’t live the life of fuckery Take my advice and stay the fuck away from me (Chorus) Wtf (6 Times) (Verse) I don’t want to be you and you can’t be me (2 Times) This is my life and I want to live it free In other words I’m telling you don’t fuck with me If you try must fall down look at you put makeup like a clown What the fuck you want to silence me stole an election that is reality (Chorus) Wtf (6 Times) (Break) Wtf (4 Times) (Verse) Cancel culture and Twitter crazy Fire them up you know they can’t find me Take away my freedom that is not for me Want you understand you will not silence me (Outro) Wtf (4 Times)


released March 7, 2021


all rights reserved



Reh Dogg South Hadley, Massachusetts

Conservative minded underground rapper that raps about things people can relate to. Too many rap artist rap about girls,money,and power without understanding that they are role models. Tune in and watch our Political Bomb Show weekly search for it with your favorite search engine. ... more

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